Tips On How to Customize a T-shirt

T-shirts are essential for both boys’ and girls’ wardrobes. You can wear them whenever you are in the house or out in the streets. What makes them so popular is their ability to fit into any casual look. Today, a t-shirt is not just fashionable casual wear. It is also a canvas you can use to showcase your creativity. T-shirt branding and customizing are so common that it has become a business venture for first-time entrepreneurs. Selling customized t-shirts has become a mainstream business.

For most people, wearing a customized t-shirt makes you feel different from the rest. It probably helps you express your feelings or thoughts to the world. Most people might think that customizing a t-shirt only trickles down to embedding a design on it. Far from that, if you understand how to customize a t-shirt, you will see that it involves very many processes that help you turn your ordinary t-shirt into a fancy one.

Here are some tips to enlighten you on how to customize a t-shirt easily and cheaply:

Screen Printing

This method might be intimidating at first but gets more comfortable with time. The basic idea behind screen printing is almost the same as that of using a stencil. Create the image you want to print using any software such as Photoshop, after that; you print it out onto a transparent paper using a laser printer. You then need to coat the screen in an emulsion and then expose your image to the screen without exposing it to any light. After exposure, clean the screen and then print the image.

The secret to perfect screen printing is in the timing for exposure, the extent of pressure exerted to push the ink and other little hacks. Mastering screen printing will give endless choices for branding your t-shirts at the comfort of your home.

Foil Pinting

There is not much to be done here. This is just a way of spicing up the look of your plain t-shirt. With this method, you need a few foil paper cuts. You can choose them to be of the same color or different colors.

It is first done by printing your design using a special glue. The foil pieces are then adhered to the adhesive using a heat press to seal the foil. You can then remove the excess bits of foil to get a perfect customized t-shirt. This method is basic and can be used to create standout t-shirts.

Design Cutting

Creating custom made t-shirts often requires you to cut the t-shirt. This is very common especially among girls who want to look attractive in any look they fit into. Cutting of t-shirts may seem like a casual activity but requires some skill to pull off.

The best thing about cutting is that it gives you endless options to play around with. Ladies who are good at this will come up with any design you may think of. Think of crop tops, sleeveless t-shirts or even grunge corset t-shirts are all derived from cutting.
Butterfly twist tees are also trendy are perfect for sunny days for any lady. T-shirt parts can also be used to make a fancy necklace tank top. If you’re looking to be more adventurous, t-shirt cutting can give you a basket weaving t-shirt. This will have the back side of your t-shirt woven in a basket-like form.

Vinyl Cutting

If you wish to use vinyl cutting as your customizing method, then you are bound to receive some quality custom t-shirt in the end. Unique soft clothing is cut into different shapes and then placed onto a t-shirt. The heat press method is used to set the pieces perfectly onto the t-shirt to be customized.

With this method, you have the option of choosing different layers for which you can choose different colors. It is a common customization method for designing sportswear or small graphics.

Air Brushing and Spray Painting

These are inexpensive methods of customizing t-shirts and give well-decorated t-shirts in the end. They make use of compressed air to spray the paint onto fabric. Gifted artists can do this by free hand while learners can comfortably use stencils to create intricate designs on their t-shirts.

Tie Dying or Splattering

Tie-dying has become very popular over the last few years. With it, white t-shirts are twisted into rolls and then tied up. After that, they are dipped into colored dye and unraveling them. You can also customize your t-shirt by using spray cans filled with dye to give your t-shirt a splatter effect. These processes provide cool t-shirt design since each t-shirt gets a unique look in the end.


With this method, there is no printing involved. It can either be done manually or using a machine. It is a method that helps you customize a t-shirt by adding a specific image or lettering on the t-shirt. It is very common among companies, which in most cases embroider their logos and name onto a t-shirt.

Next time you are wondering how to customize a t-shirt, remember these cool and easy ways of customizing to give you a perfect t-shirt for your casual look.