A Guide On How To Customize A T-Shirt

The t-shirt is one of the most widely used pieces of clothing and they are truly versatile. You can wear a t-shirt almost anywhere and it is truly comfortable, no matter the weather or time of day. However, it can become boring if most of your closet is made up of t-shirts and in this article, we will look at how you can customize them. Your limit is only your imagination, so with that said, we will now take a look at how to customize a t-shirt.

Edit The Sleeves Away

One of the easiest ways to change your t-shirts is to simply snip off the sleeves. This can be done for both guys and girls and all you will need is a pair of scissors. Simply follow the lines of the sleeve and cut it off. You will now have a t-shirt vest that is definitely stylish and a great way to show off your arms.

Spray On Stencils

Next, if you have stencils and some spray paint, you can simply lay the stencil on the t-shirt and spray on it carefully. When you remove the stencil, the pattern would remain. You should then allow the paint to dry and you’ll have a wonderfully customized t-shirt. The great thing about customizing your t-shirt in this way is that you can use any type of stencil you want. You can even create your own stencils using cardboard. So, for example, you can get a piece of cardboard and write out your name in block letters. Then, you use a knife or razor to cut out the blocks. You can use your stencil to create a t-shirt with your name on it or any other pattern you’d like.

Dyeing Your T-shirt

Next, you can tie dye your t-shirt. This can be done with some rubber bands and colored dye for clothing. All you have to do is roll up the t-shirt and place rubber bands around it so that it looks like a long rope. Then, you set up the dye in water as directed in the instructions. You can then place the t-shirt into the solution for the specified amount of time. Be sure to follow the directions on the dye packet. You will need to wash out the t-shirt in fresh water, open it and place it to dry. You will now have a wonderful tye died t-shirt that you can enjoy.

Adding a Belt

In addition to actually cutting and changing the t-shirt, you can simply add various accessories such as a belt to it. If you have a wonderfully embellished belt, you can use it around your waist to cinch in the t-shirt. This is a great way to wear a t-shirt that is a little too big for you. It will also make the t-shirt look more feminine.

Make Your T-shirt Into A Cardigan

When it comes to learning how to customize a t-shirt, you can actually change the entire t-shirt into another piece of clothing. All you need to do is cut the front of the t-shirt from the bottom, all the way up to the collar. Be sure that you cut the t-shirt, exactly in the middle so that both sides are equal. Then, you can fold back the edges and sew it with a sewing machine so that the seams are neater. You now have a t-shirt styled cardigan! This can be worn with a vest underneath or even another t-shirt under for a layered look.

Stamp Your T-shirt

When it comes to learning new ways on how to customize a t-shirt, there are simply endless ways to do so. You can even use stamps to personalize your t-shirt. Of course, you will need rubber stamps of your choice, or you can cut out one from a piece of rubber. You will also need acrylic paint of your choice. Then, you simply brush on some paint onto your stamp and press it onto the t-shirt. Be sure to blot the stamp first before you use it on the t-shirt to prevent any paint leakages.

Bling It Out

If you have any old earrings, broaches of even old pieces of jewelry in your home, you can use it to bling out your t-shirt. All you need to do is place them on the t-shirt and figure out which arrangement looks the best or suits the look you’re trying to achieve. Alternatively, you can buy sequins and beads from a local arts and crafts store and sew or stick these onto your t-shirt. You should be careful to buy an appropriate glue that is clear and suitable for cotton and polyester.


In closing, we have just looked at how to customize a t-shirt. There are many more ways you can customize t-shirts or any other pieces of clothing for that matter. So, be sure to continue researching and experimenting with your own clothes to create your own unique look.

Tips On How to Customize a T-shirt

T-shirts are essential for both boys’ and girls’ wardrobes. You can wear them whenever you are in the house or out in the streets. What makes them so popular is their ability to fit into any casual look. Today, a t-shirt is not just fashionable casual wear. It is also a canvas you can use to showcase your creativity. T-shirt branding and customizing are so common that it has become a business venture for first-time entrepreneurs. Selling customized t-shirts has become a mainstream business.

For most people, wearing a customized t-shirt makes you feel different from the rest. It probably helps you express your feelings or thoughts to the world. Most people might think that customizing a t-shirt only trickles down to embedding a design on it. Far from that, if you understand how to customize a t-shirt, you will see that it involves very many processes that help you turn your ordinary t-shirt into a fancy one.

Here are some tips to enlighten you on how to customize a t-shirt easily and cheaply:

Screen Printing

This method might be intimidating at first but gets more comfortable with time. The basic idea behind screen printing is almost the same as that of using a stencil. Create the image you want to print using any software such as Photoshop, after that; you print it out onto a transparent paper using a laser printer. You then need to coat the screen in an emulsion and then expose your image to the screen without exposing it to any light. After exposure, clean the screen and then print the image.

The secret to perfect screen printing is in the timing for exposure, the extent of pressure exerted to push the ink and other little hacks. Mastering screen printing will give endless choices for branding your t-shirts at the comfort of your home.

Foil Pinting

There is not much to be done here. This is just a way of spicing up the look of your plain t-shirt. With this method, you need a few foil paper cuts. You can choose them to be of the same color or different colors.

It is first done by printing your design using a special glue. The foil pieces are then adhered to the adhesive using a heat press to seal the foil. You can then remove the excess bits of foil to get a perfect customized t-shirt. This method is basic and can be used to create standout t-shirts.

Design Cutting

Creating custom made t-shirts often requires you to cut the t-shirt. This is very common especially among girls who want to look attractive in any look they fit into. Cutting of t-shirts may seem like a casual activity but requires some skill to pull off.

The best thing about cutting is that it gives you endless options to play around with. Ladies who are good at this will come up with any design you may think of. Think of crop tops, sleeveless t-shirts or even grunge corset t-shirts are all derived from cutting.
Butterfly twist tees are also trendy are perfect for sunny days for any lady. T-shirt parts can also be used to make a fancy necklace tank top. If you’re looking to be more adventurous, t-shirt cutting can give you a basket weaving t-shirt. This will have the back side of your t-shirt woven in a basket-like form.

Vinyl Cutting

If you wish to use vinyl cutting as your customizing method, then you are bound to receive some quality custom t-shirt in the end. Unique soft clothing is cut into different shapes and then placed onto a t-shirt. The heat press method is used to set the pieces perfectly onto the t-shirt to be customized.

With this method, you have the option of choosing different layers for which you can choose different colors. It is a common customization method for designing sportswear or small graphics.

Air Brushing and Spray Painting

These are inexpensive methods of customizing t-shirts and give well-decorated t-shirts in the end. They make use of compressed air to spray the paint onto fabric. Gifted artists can do this by free hand while learners can comfortably use stencils to create intricate designs on their t-shirts.

Tie Dying or Splattering

Tie-dying has become very popular over the last few years. With it, white t-shirts are twisted into rolls and then tied up. After that, they are dipped into colored dye and unraveling them. You can also customize your t-shirt by using spray cans filled with dye to give your t-shirt a splatter effect. These processes provide cool t-shirt design since each t-shirt gets a unique look in the end.


With this method, there is no printing involved. It can either be done manually or using a machine. It is a method that helps you customize a t-shirt by adding a specific image or lettering on the t-shirt. It is very common among companies, which in most cases embroider their logos and name onto a t-shirt.

Next time you are wondering how to customize a t-shirt, remember these cool and easy ways of customizing to give you a perfect t-shirt for your casual look.

The Different Reasons Why You Should Use Custom Made Tshirts

Due to their high versatility and increased popularity, customized tshirts are one of the most beneficial alternatives when promoting a business or a brand. Trendy retailers both off and online stock custom made tshirts in a plethora of colors and designs ranging from inspirational prints to humorous slogans. The tshirts can be printed using many different types of printing techniques ranging from the old-fashioned screen printing option to heat transfer or digital cut-out printing alternatives. Regardless of the method chosen, the personalized tshirt will always be beneficial and can be useful for a person. This article will provide information on the different reasons why you should use a customized tshirt.

1. Inexpensive Garments

The first reason you should consider making a customized tshirt is because of the garment’s low cost. Of course, this will differ according to the order details; however, the average tshirt printing process is relatively cheap if the correct technique and garments are chosen. For instance, you will be shocked at the low cost of mass order screen-printed tshirts using a simple custom design. Who says you need to be fancy to be personalized?

2. Increased Versatility

Tshirts are to clothing designers what a white canvas is to an artist – the chance to create something outstanding from a blank space. Considering the various advances made in printing techniques and inks over the past few years, the possibilities for new printing is endless. Moreover, the versatility of the tshirt for different designs is unbelievable with the garment being able to take many forms and use many techniques.

3. Quick To Produce

As long as the clothing, the item design, and the printing process are planned in advance, the production of the custom made tshirts can be relatively speedy! In fact, in some cases the garments can be produced overnight if required. Now, that’s fast if I should say so myself.

4. Increased Options

Do you want a high quality garment at an affordable price? Perhaps you want a garment that has been made using sustainable material? There are brands for all of these and much more! In fact, virtually all clothing brands make tshirts nowadays, so it is merely a case of picking and choosing to find your favorite option.

5. Saving Time As Uniforms

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy wearing uniforms, you need to admit that having a uniform can save time before work – you do not need to concern yourself about what to wear to the office. When you have the same outfit to wear each day, there is no big decision on which shoes will match the new skirt and top. No agonizing over whether or not this top is appropriate on this specific day for that specific meeting. Customized tshirts can help act as parts of uniforms, and uniforms will save time during the day.

6. Increased Comfort

Nothing is as comfortable as a large tshirt worn in to your level of comfort. This is why people wear tshirts to the gym, to the office on casual Fridays, and to sleep. The fabric is often comfortable, the shirt will fit any body type, and the sleeves are typically short. All you need to do is find a material to suit your preferences and wear it in.

7. Increased Camaraderie

When you are wearing the same garments as colleagues, studies have found there is a sense of increased camaraderie and people find it easier to feel part of the team. This improves the work environment, improves a person’s mood at work, and increases the team’s level of productivity.

8. Easily Recognizable

One of the primary reasons people wear uniforms is to be easily recognizable by customers and team members. To have the most beneficial effect, it is important that the brand is on point and can be translated using different mediums. This is why custom made tshirts can be so helpful in representing your colleagues and making you recognizable in a crowd.

9. Reducing Distractions

When the summer months approach and clothing begins to diminish, all of a sudden you will begin to learn more about your colleagues on a skin-to-skin level. Standard tshirts will ensure that your colleagues do not feel too hot, but do not show more flesh than is necessary or appropriate during the working day.

10. Ensuring Safety

By having team members wear the same customized tshirts, it makes each individual easier to recognize and prevents strangers from entering the premises. This is particularly beneficial when organizing large events or if you work at a school where “stranger danger” is significant.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are various reasons why you should consider using custom made tshirts ranging from a reduction in distraction and ensuring safety, to being recognizable and improving team spirit. Using the information above, you can determine if personalized tshirts are the best option for your brand or company.